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1. 22-07-2007 11:32

I think you should make your webserver extremely lucky as well and chmod 777 all your directories. 
as far as dates go, I'm waiting for both the binary flip at midnight on dec 31 2047 and then 12:34.56 on the 7/8 2090 (although unless the medical fraternity increase our lifespans substantially, I'll probably never see it due to having died way before then) :x
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China's moonshot revealed as dodgy Photoshop

china-simp-75.jpgJust a week after Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao unveiled China's first Moon photo, a sleuthing spaceblogger has discovered Mr Wen may have been hiding something. "Chinese people's dream of flying to the moon for more than 1,000 years is beginning to materialise" said Wen at the time. And apparently all they needed to realise that dream was a copy of Photoshop. 

You can take anything you want
happychappy-75.gifLast year, a YouTuber uploaded the world's most entertaining keep-fit video, in which a George Costanza-lookalike with knickers on his head robbed a terrified Japanese woman. Three girls then jumped around a bit, demonstrating the vocabulary you'll need to protect yourself from a geeky gaijin armed with a nail file.
For momentary sexual pleasure you go to great lengths
Rangi RamBollywood has a new star on the rise: his name is Nirodh and he's a dancing condom. In his first song and dance spectacular, Nirodh and his latex friends skip and frolic through hills and fields to remind us all that they're made in different colours with fragrance. Take it away Nirodh.
Electric Eel Shock go Multivision!
electric-eel-shock-75.gifTired of those crappy little low-res YouTube screens? Electric Eel Shock , the world's favourite rock n roll monster from Japan, has a revolutionary solution - just like more Marshall stacks make more bass boom, more YouTube screens make more Eel Shock!
Fish LOVE rock and roll!

electric-eel-shock-75.gifJapan's only olympic champion rock and roll fisherman, Aki, of the great Electric Eel Shock, embarks on a second in EES' ongoing heavy metal fishing adventures.

This time, he uses bait even more powerful than heavy metal.

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